Why Teacher Kay's Alphapals?

It appears that a first-rate educational experience during the first three [to five] years of life is required if a person is to develop to his/her potential."

-Dr Burton White

Founder and director of the Harvard Preschool Project

We are a Leader in Academics

Teacher Kay's provides your child with a positive learning experience in a safe and nurturing environment with age appropriate activities that meet the needs of our students and benefits all learners.  Children learn through hands on experiences that are developmentally appropriate for each child and by making adjustments where needed to accommodate each child's learning style or special needs in the different curriculum areas.


A Nurturing Place to Play and Learn

We create a nurturing and inviting homelike environment to encourage creativity in all developmental areas. We have seen many children make huge strides in their development cognitively and emotionally by being in our environment where they know their teachers believe in them, that they feel loved and that their peers accept them for who they are, a human being with weaknesses and strengths.


Ideal Balance of Creativity and Academics

Our program incorporates play as a vehicle for learning throughout the curriculum .  The classroom has several activity centers with materials for exploration and play and an opportunity for children to make choices.  The activity centers include:  math manipulatives, science, literacy, dramatic play, outdoor play, cooking, music, blocks, art, and gardening.  We also incorporate educational themes as well as the Zoo-phonics program.  All are important in the growth and well being of a child.


Our Emphasis is on Process not Product

At Teacher Kay's Preschool, our emphasis is on the process not the product.  The process is where the child experiences joy and is nurtured through the love of learning and promotes a child’s physical, social-emotional, creative language and cognitive development.



We Value Diversity and Each Child’s Uniqueness

We feel it is important to teach acceptance, respect and value diversity by celebrating our individuality and uniqueness and recognizing our special gifts and talents that each of us have to offer.  Having a sense of belonging is vital for children to excel and grow.

I want to go to Teacher Kay’s because she is an excellent teacher!"


5 years old


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